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Our Philosophy

The only thing little about kids is their size. They have a tremendous amount of energy, curiosity, and imagination, as well as an amazing capacity to learn. Each child also has unique strengths, needs, and learning styles. At The PlaySpace we want to set the foundations for the children to become intelligent, compassionate and joyful individuals, while allowing their unique talents and personalities to shine through.

Role of the Teacher

The goal of our excellent teachers at The PlaySpace can be summed up in two words, encourage and empower. We want to encourage our students to pursue their interests, learn new skills, and cooperate with their peers. We hope to accomplish this by providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, creating an exciting learning environment, providing lots of positive encouragment, and focusing on and celebrating their accomplishments. The teachers serve as models for the children so that they too can encourage each other, and appreciate the different strengths and abilities they all possess.

The teachers strive to empower our students - helping them develop the skills they will need to succeed in school and beyond, as well as assisting them in making the right choices. We want our students to become independent and confident in their own abilities, and provide them with opportunities to learn to solve problems and make decisions with minimal help. This is where the four key principles of our center come into play.


Imagination is innate in most children, allowing them to move mountains, transport themselves to distant worlds, make themselves smaller or larger, or slide down rainbows and touch the stars. Imagination allows children to form new ideas and explore old ones, all at once, and we believe that it is very important to nurture and encourage the power of imagination in young children. The ability to imagine and think creatively will help kids ask questions, find solutions to problems, and enrich their life. Imagination also forms a key part of empathy, since we need to be able to imagine ourself in someone else’s shoes in order to empathize with them. Research has shown that imaginative play where children can make their own rules, promotes self-regulation. Self-regulation is part of a cognitive skill called executive function, a cerebral process thought to be responsible for, among other things, planning, abstract thinking and rule acquisition. This function is known to be an effective predictor of success in school. Many of the activities at our center will be designed to allow our students to use and further enhance their imagination.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand."-- Albert Einstein


If imagination gives the children wings, then collaboration forms the root, the support system that will anchor and nourish our kids as they grow. Parents and teachers working together, teachers and students working together, groups of students working together, the center working with the community. Collaboration is thus an important aspect of our center.


We have all experienced the joy of discovering something new, finding out something for ourselves that we didn’t know. Every day at The PlaySpace your child will have opportunities to discover new things and contemplate new ideas as they explore and experiment. Hands-on active learning is a key component of our programs, so kids will have plenty of opportunities to try new things, make some mistakes, and construct knowledge on their own terms.


Whether they are painting a masterpiece, creating a puppet show, inventing a game, or making a sculpture with building blocks or clay, creating and making their own projects allow children to express themselves, develop their creativity, and also gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence. At The PlaySpace, the children will have plenty of opportunities to express their inner da Vinci, whether it is through daily activities at our exciting learning centers, or through projects that they choose based on their interests.