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Choosing a quality child care centre is an important decision. At The PlaySpace we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us to provide your child with high quality care and education. 

Children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential.

When you choose The PlaySpace, your child will be welcomed into a safe, stimulating and fun environment full of inquiry, discovery and wonder that enhances learning in their early years. We take a holistic approach that views children as capable competent individuals who are active participants in their learning. Our educators are passionate about delivering an emergent curriculum that supports and enhances each child’s growth and development which promotes future well-being. 

  • We are a licensed child care centre with the privilege of welcoming 53 children (and their family) into the program; 

  • Classrooms are warm and welcoming with a home-like feel;

  • Spacious environments that recognize the developmental needs of the children enrolled for optimal learning experiences;

  • Catered healthy snacks and nutritious lunches (with modifications based on dietary or religious restrictions);

  • Purposely selected materials based on the natural interest and impulses of the children to provoke inquiry, curiosity as well as experimentation through their senses; 

  • Child-centred programming and learning provisions based on The Ministry of Education's learning frameworks;

  • Time and space provided for collaborative and individual learning; 

  • Developmental-appropriate curriculum and learning provisions which are child-driven;

  • Educators and support staff who are passionate and responsive to the needs of children.

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